About Midcentury Atlanta

Midcentury Atlanta is Atlanta's most dynamic and innovative real estate Team focused exclusively on offering discerning buyers and sellers of Midcentury and Midcentury Modern homes the best and most comprehensive suite of services.

Midcentury Atlanta

The branding for Midcentury Atlanta was born out of the unique architectural features you find in Midcentury homes. Breezeblocks were a unique way to create separate entertaining spaces and provide a little privacy. We took explored these breeze blocks and created a unique design that would represent specific midcentury neighborhoods around Atlanta. This was carried through to the website as textural backgrounds and neighborhood indicators. The website auctioned as a mid-mod home search, a midcentury modern educational hub, and a way to contact sales rep when looking for a mid-mod home.

Small illustrations highlight architectural features often found in Midcentury homes helping prospective buyers Bruch up on the mid-mod lingo.



  • Black

    RGB: #808285

  • Dark Gray

    RGB: #939598

  • Orange

    RGB: #be1e2d

  • Light Gray

    RGB: #f4009

  • White

    RGB: #ffffff