Campus Movie Fest

Way back in the year 2001, four students at Emory University had a crazy idea. They decided to give their friends and classmates all of the equipment they needed to make a short film in a week. Fast forward to now, and those same students have led CMF to become the world’s largest student film festival.

Campus Movie Fest

The 2018–2019 Campus Movie Fest tour featured deconstructed movie-making imagery and icons. Posters were created for the week of movie production and one for the red carpet film premiere. Creative swag was part of the welcome kit given to the aspiring filmmakers upon registering to participate.

The imagery was simplified for one-color apparel prints or participants, film winners, and event staff.

Campus Movie Fest +
The Walt Disney Studios

Campus Movie Fest is a revolutionary way for students to network with production companies and filmmakers. Innovative leaders such as Prime Video, Adobe, and Panasonic partner with the tour, and in 2019, The Walt Disney Company was added to this list. Their goal was to encourage Women in Film by creating a new category for the CMF Awards.

Disney's Women in Film Instagram Campaign

CMF partnered with The Walt Disney Company to create a social media campaign promoting the Women in Film Category.