About BrightHouse

BrightHouse is a global creative consultancy and the Pioneer of Purpose consulting. With radical creativity, they create new strategic paths and emotional connections to help clients solve their biggest challenges.

BrightHouse Identity

In 2016, BrightHouse was acquired by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). A collection of past logos needed to be cleaned up to create one consistent brand. The consultants also needed a robust presentation tool kit that would allow the flexibility for them to assemble presentations. Booklets would accompany the presentations as a leave behind for the client.

Custom photography gave a glimpse into office life at BrightHouse and welcome clients into the creative environment.




  • RGB: #FEDF97

  • RGB: #FFC425

  • RGB: #BB922E

BrightHouse Campus

In 2016, the company moved into a new space to create a collaborative campus for both clients and employees. In the lobby, a custom peg wall was installed that would exhibit the company's history. All pieces were movable so they could display any message, artifact, and be easily updated. The office space was full of branded murals, illustrations, and nooks that would inspire a creative mind.

The new office had collaboration spaces, large hammock swings, a game room, and even a full video production studio.