AIDS Walk Atlanta
& 5K Run 2017

Atlanta comes together each fall for a 5K walk, run, food trucks, and a concert. Proceeds raised from the walk and festival go to local AIDS service organizations that fight to end the epidemic in the community.

2017 I Am Hope
Pack the Park

Atlanta is a city full of vibrant neighborhoods that inspired the theme for the 2017 AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K run. I Am Hope's main message empowers individuals to bring the Atlanta neighborhoods together and pack Atlanta’s, Piedmont Park. Illustrations highlight familiar neighborhood landmarks creating connections that visually unify the city under one cause. This message of inspiration was designed into a full campaign featured across the city with posters, palm cards, transit ads, and billboards.

Special attention was given to designing apparel and a commemorative pin set to create lasting memories.



  • RGB: #02576A

  • RGB: #8CD3D9

  • RGB: #EE3024

2014 - I Am Hope

The I Am Hope campaign was first developed in 2014 and was the central focus. A hashtag was created that encouraged the community to tell their stories of how they inspire hope.

2015 - 25th Annual

2015 marked the 25th anniversary of AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run. The designs give a nod to the iconic Aids Quilt by using patchwork style shapes and textures to create the Midtown Atlanta skyline.

2018 - Ripples of Hope

Ripples of Hope was the messaging that told the story of how one person's positive actions can set off a ripple effect. The event is also recognized by its acronym and hashtag AWA5K and was the focus of the 2018 event.