my best wiig

She has been said to be the Lucile Ball of the 21st century. A writer, actress and sketch comedy goddess, Kristen Wiig has proven her talent and won our hearts. It is hard for to narrow down this Oscar, Emmy and Golden-Globe nominated artists best characters but here are my 10 favorite moments from her time on Saturday Night Live.

11. Paula Deen

Although she was Born and Raised in Rochester NY she somehow channels the southern personality of Paula Deen. Of course it has its own comical twist, but the southern euphemisms used are not too far from ones I am used to hearing from growing up in Georgia.

10. Rebecca Larue (Flirt Expert)

From the last skit to this one you are really able to see her ability to play multiple personalities. Iv always wondered what Seth Myers saw when she lifts her legs to him. I have a cousin that acts similar to this.

9. Liza Minnelli tries to turn off a lamp

Kristen is a genius at poking fun of actresses of the mid 19th century. Ms. Wiig channels Liza Minnelli in this scene and hit the nail on the head with her Fosse moves and overly dramatic actions.

8. Super Showcase with Mya Rudolf

I don't really know if any of this sketch was panned or if Kristen was just going with the flow. Regardless it is so funny to watch these two ladies play off each other.

7. Shana

Its annoying when you are really attracted to someone but they turn out to have repulsive breath or they have an annoying habit. Shanna is just that person but on a whole other level.

6. Melissa McCarthy's Opening Monologue

What more could you ask for but to have these two gals in the same scene. This was by far the best episode of SNL in my book.

5. Kat: From Garth and Kat

How can she get though this skit without bursting out laughing is what I want to know? Kristen and Fred Armisen play off each other perfectly.

4. Mindy Elise Grayson from Secret Word

"Its time to play the game the stars play. . ." She is not a women she is a star is how Mindy Elise would describe herself if asked.

3. Aunt Sue

CAN IT SUE! There is no SURPRISE (which I love) that this moment is in the top three.

2. Target Lady

This women actually works at a grocery store that i visit sometime, no joke. The Target lady has made Target that much more enjoyable to shop at.

1. Dooneese

My number one favorite character and moment from Kristen Wiig is when she plays tiny hand sister Dooneese. So wrong but oh so funny.