Hello and welcome to the most fun game on earth.

check below for instructions on how to play or click here to register.

how to play

official rules

How do you play?

There are three musts for being able to win.

Your game board will have the names of art pieces with the date or the artist. Images of art pieces will be posted on Matthew Robertson Artist's facebook page and you must mark off the corresponding art piece if it appears on your board. Once you have 5 accross, down or diagonal then declare BINGO.

What do you have to do to register and win?

There are three musts in order to win.

1.You must "Like" the Facebook page Matthew Robertson Artist

2. You must have registered your email.

3. You must be the first person to declare BINGO by messaging Matthew Robertson Artist on the Facebook page.

All three of these must be completed in order to claim your prize.

When does the game begin?

The first images will be posted on January 20th 2014, however, you may register until February 1st 2014.

The game will continue until someone declares BINGO.

Can you win with 4 corners?


You can declare bingo if you have 5 across, down or diagonal.

How long is registration open?

Registration will remain open until Febuary 1st 2014, however, the first ART BINGO image will be posted on Matthew Robertson Artist's facebook on January 20th 2014.

Will there be multiple winners?


There is only one winner and he/she is the first person to message Matthew Robertson Artist on Facebook.

How do we mark off spaces?

There will be images posted on Matthew Roberson Artist's Facebook page (up to 5 a day).

These art images/works will correspond with the names on the spaces of the game boards. Once you mark 5 across, down or diagonally declare BINGO by messaging Matthew Robertson Artist on Facebook.

Is there only one chance to see the art images?


The images will be housed in an album on Matthew Robertson Artist for the duration of the game. You may check there as often as you wish to mark off spaces. ONLY images in this folder marked "Art Bingo" will be counted.

How do you declare BINGO?

You must first declare BINGO by simply messaging Matthew Robertson Artist on Facebook.

The Subject and message can be as simple as just the word BINGO. You will be contactacted for an image of your game board so that he may verify the BINGO.

Once someone declares BINGO is the game over?

The game is only officially over until the board has been verified and an announcement is posted on Matthew Robertson Artist's Facebook page.

Images will continue to be posted until the board is verified and we have an official winner.

How do I collect my prize?

Give an appropriate mailing address and your original piece will be mailed to you.